Since I’m turning 26 today and there aren’t enough of these lists out there already.

  1. Most people are neither for you nor against you; they are simply thinking about themselves.
  2. Complexity is a hidden tax on your energy.
  3. Impostor syndrome is a privilege. You can only be plagued by it if you’ve achieved success in some realm.
  4. When faced with hard decisions, there are seldom moments in which, deep in your center, you truly do not know. Start knowing.
  5. If nothing else, great leaders create clarity.
  6. Self-acceptance happens readily when you anchor your self-worth in your character, not in validators beyond your sphere of control. Have an inner scorecard, not an outer one.
  7. Nothing is…

Brands have posed the existential question — what is physical retail — and are undertaking the ultimate reinvention

The word “commerce” is derived from the Latin word “commercium” — com meaning “together,” and “mercium” meaning “merchandise.” In many ways, its etymology is an astute illustration of its history, one that underscores the paradigm of traditional shopping malls, the familiar swarms of teenagers clutching Wetzel’s Pretzels, scurrying through Abercrombie and Fitch together. As droves of major retailers closed last year, including the ever-nostalgic Toys R Us, BCBG, and Radio Shack, journalists have warned of a contraction in the retail sector, dubbing it the “retail apocalypse.” However, a closer examination of our new reality reveals this prevailing narrative to be…

Allison Chang

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